Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Program

The BridgelineTEK UAS Training Program is a comprehensive curriculum designed to educate, train, and license prospective sUAS Pilots. The program is offered on a flexible schedule, incorporating various educational formats ranging from classroom study to real world operations. Upon completion of this program, prospective UAS Pilots will become licensed through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and hold a Remote Pilot Certificate (RPC) with a small UAS rating.

UAS Program Structure

  1. The (in person) UAS Program is divided into 2 Sections:
    a. Ground School (Part 107) CLASSROOM or ONE-ON-ONE Training (4-8 classes).
    b. Hands On (Operations) FIELD Training (4-8 classes).
  2. Training schedules are flexible (to accommodate client availability).
  3. Hands On Training courses vary by application, industry, platform, etc.
  4. An ONLINE Training Tool is designed to compliment classroom training.

NOTE: UAS platforms (drones) are rented or purchased (quoted separately).

Ground School (Part 107) CLASSROOM or ONE-ON-ONE Training

Class 1: UAS – Getting Started
  • FAA Remote Pilot Certification
  • FAA UAS (Part 107) General Regulations and Operating Rules
  • Fundamentals of Aerodynamics
  • Principals of Flight
  • Aerodynamics of Flight
  • Understanding Loads and UA Performance Under Loads
  • Aeromedical Factors (physiology, alcohol and flying)
Class 2: UAS – Fundamental Operations
  • National Airspace System
  • Aeronautical Charts
  • Sectional Charts (AGL vs MSL, latitudes, longitudes, legends, symbols)
  • Airport Operations
  • NOTAMs (Search, PilotWeb)
  • Airport Traffic Patterns
  • Remote Pilot Communications and Procedures
  • Flight Restrictions Affecting UAS
Class 3: UAS – Aviation Weather
  • Weather Theory
  • Density Altitude
  • Weather Charts
  • Understanding Aviation Weather Sources
  • METARs and TAFs
  • Atmospheric Instability
  • Understanding the Effect of Weather on UAS
Class 4: UAS – Skill Building
  • Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) and Risk Management Aircraft Loading and Performance on sUAS
  • Emergency Planning and Procedures
  • Emergency Communications
  • Preflight Checklists
  • Lithium Battery Hazards (inspection, transportation, charging, usage, fires)
  • Loss of Control (link and flyaways)
  • Loss of GPS
  • Required Documentation and Waivers

Hands On (Operations) FIELD Training

Class 1: UAS – System Introduction
  • UAS Introduction – Aircraft, Controller, Tablets, Batteries, Flight Controller
  • UAS Introduction – Aircraft Maintenance, Battery Care, Component Organization
  • Software Apps – Walk-throughs and Demos (DJI GO, etc.)
  • Web Resources – Pilot Web, iFlightPlanner, ForeFlight, etc.
  • Pilot Web – Navigation and UAS Operating Areas
  • Preflight Training – Weather Briefing, Airspace Check, Airspace Authorizations
  • etc.
Class 2: UAS – Manual Flight
  • Preflight Checklists – Batteries, Compass, GPS, Props, etc.
  • Communications with Tower
  • Take-Offs and Landings
  • Radio Control Trainiing – Roll/Pitch/Yaw, Reversed Controls
  • Radio Control Trainiing – Signal Loss, Emergency Actions
  • Post Flight Checklists
  • Documentation – Flight Logs
  • etc.
Class 3: UAS – Autonomous Flight
  • Preflight Planning
  • Software Apps – Walk-throughs and Demos (DroneDeploy, etc.)
  • Autonomous Flight Planning and Missions
  • Retaking Control – Engaging Manual Flight
  • Data – Acquiring, Uploading, Processing, Security, Sharing
  • Documentation – Flight Logs
  • etc.
Class 4: UAS – Mission Planning and Emergency Procedures
  • Autonomous Mission Plan and Execution
  • Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM)
  • Risk Management
  • Emergency Procedures and Settings
  • Emergency Situation Simulation
  • Loss of Control (link and flyaways)
  • Loss of GPS
  • etc.

Additional information:

The BridgelineTEK FAA Part 107 ONLINE (only) Training Tool (per student) is $250.00.

For additional information on (in person) CLASSROOM, ONE-ON-ONE or HANDS-ON Training (curriculum, pricing, discounting) please call (608) 330-2210 or email John.Christenson@BridgelineTEK.com.